Cheraw Police Reports

By Karen Kissiah

December 5, 2013

These arrests were made recently by the Cheraw Police Department:

• Robert Lee Isaac, 22, of 3547 Old Wire Road, Wallace, was arrested for assault and battery, and malicious injury to property.

• Chad Curtis Knight, 34, of 292 BBB Circle, Patrick, was arrested for shoplifting.

• Victor Lance Wright, 52, of 175 Old Cash Road, Cheraw, was arrested for trespassing and petit larceny.

• Thomas Ray Henry, 49, of 2781 Rosser Lane, Wallace, was arrested for trespassing and petit larceny.

• Timothy Lamour Jefferson, 36, of 22 Owens Lane, Cheraw, was arrested for driving under the influence.

• Kimberly Gibson, 31, of 812 W. Greene St., Cheraw, was arrested for shoplifting.

Arrest reports published in the Cheraw Chronicle are copied from local law enforcement records. Reports include both arrest and criminal summons such as citations. The Chronicle lists them all as arrests. People charged are presumed innocent until determined to be guilty in a court of law.