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▶ Russian state television shows rare footage of the Azovstal fight in Mariupol

▶ Russian state television shows rare footage of the Azovstal fight in Mariupol

▶ Watch: Russian TV shows rare footage of the battle at Azovstal:

The footage showed smoke rising above the factory as Russian soldiers fired missiles. Photos from the combat zone in Mariupol are very rare: access to the press is limited and extremely dangerous.

According to Russia, 2,000 Ukrainian fighters are still well established at the plant. It is also said that about 200 civilians were trapped there, and took refuge there. Over the next few days, Russia announced a daily ceasefire, limited to a few hours, so that citizens could reach safety.

Elsewhere on the front line in Donbass, the situation also remains tense. In Donetsk, Ukrainian troops were heavily bombarded with artillery and from the air. The Russian army is again trying to launch attacks on the cities of Lyman, Popasna and Severodonetsk, but, according to Kiev, the Ukrainians managed to repel those attacks.

The statements of the Ukrainian General Staff cannot be independently verified. On satellite images taken on Wednesday, according to New York times To find out the result of the “intensive bombing”. The American newspaper publishes a photo of draft buildings on the property.

Satellite images were taken on Wednesday, May 4 over the Azovstal plant in MariupolAP . image

The BBC also indicated in a video clip that the last stronghold of the resistance in the city in southern Ukraine was exposed to the explosions. These are photos of powerful explosions and clouds of smoke over the complex that were posted by pro-Russian separatists in the Donetsk region. While the BBC has not been able to independently verify the video, the BBC assumes it was recorded on Wednesday.

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