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17 cabs seized during the first weekend of Tomorrowland: “Do you go to Mortsel? €100 or more” | Tomorrowland 2022

17 cabs seized during the first weekend of Tomorrowland: “Do you go to Mortsel? €100 or more” | Tomorrowland 2022

boom / rammedTaxi companies also experience a heyday during Tomorrowland. Taxis may only provide their services in a number of specified areas. Although many drivers have already violated these rules. Police have already confiscated 17 taxis during the festival’s first weekend.

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The rules for taxis have been tightened this year. Passengers are only allowed to board or disembark in the area at Papensteenstraat behind Colruyt in Boom near the N177 (Antwerpsestraat) or in the designated area near the camp site at Rumstsestraat in Rumst. This is also allowed in the kissing and riding areas. “The jury ensures that the transfer takes place at the published and applicable rates,” says Peter Moeschundt, chief of police of the local Rubelle Police.

Shopping in the side streets

How much does it cost to get to Mortsel from Boom fifteen kilometers past Tomorrowland? A short survey in the Papensteenstraat taxi area showed that this will go to €40-60 on Sunday evening around 7pm. And in the middle of the night, according to the driver, you will have to pay 90-110 euros. The reader even talks about the astronomical amount of 170 euros. “In connection with last weekend, I heard higher amounts,” says Joris van Kamp, a spokesman for the local Ruble police. “In fact, copious prices are spreading.”


The driving behavior of some taxi drivers was really questionable

Peter Mueschund, Chief of Police

These exorbitant prices should be avoided by centralizing taxis in the districts, as festival-goers are protected from check scams. In the surveillance perimeter and security perimeter around the festival, only taxis that can prove that the passenger lives in these areas are allowed. There is more than enough work for everyone. However, there are taxis that are starting to get crowded on the side streets. It was especially a problem on Sundays,” says Muehsund. “We are as tired as cold porridge. During the first weekend we actually grabbed 17 cabs until the last weekend from Tomorrowland. In general, taxi drivers adhere to the rules of the game. But anyone who violates this will be dragged without discussion.”

security risk

“We will intensify the checks over the coming weekend. We may have to confiscate more taxis. This is very unfortunate, but if they do not follow the rules, it also poses a safety risk. For example, there were some accidents on Sunday evening which made the outflow More difficult. Then, some taxi drivers let themselves in and almost pushed the guards off their socks. Some taxi drivers’ driving behavior was really questionable,” says Muyshundt. “In addition to stricter controls, we will provide signs with current taxi fares for festival visitors.”

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