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5 benefits of gymnastics exercises: exercise on body weight

5 benefits of gymnastics exercises: exercise on body weight

Walk around any park in Amsterdam, and you’ll see people hanging horizontally from a pole. Or you see them lift themselves up countless times without any effort. There is a good chance that this person will be doing gymnastics, which is a physical sport that focuses on training with your own body weight. This makes you strong. Very strong.

Training with your own body weight, does that sound familiar? could be right. Last year we wrote an article about job training: Training where the physical goal is not necessarily central, but improves in movement. Gymnastics exercises take this one step further. It is a challenging way to move due to the combination of strength, stability and movement.

Benefits of gymnastics exercises

Getting fit from gymnastic exercises has a number of advantages over a crowded gym.

1. You train abroad

We already mentioned this at the beginning of the article: calistine exercises are often practiced in gardens. Very nice outdoors. Anyone who goes to the gym can confirm that it can be claustrophobic at the gym at times. Training outside (literally) is a breath of fresh air. Unless it’s raining, but then you can always take your training to the gym.

There are many places in the Netherlands dedicated to gymnastics training. This branch of the sport is clearly popular: the number of athletics parks in the Netherlands has increased tenfold over the past five years. There by location world gymnastics games There are currently about 320 in our country. Here you will find park near you.

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2. Good for the immune system

Your resistance benefits from being outside a lot. For example, your body absorbs more vitamin D when you exercise in the sun than it does indoors.

3. You don’t need expensive fitness equipment

No dumbbells, no barbells, no machines, no bench, no squat rack. To do fitness exercises, you basically only need your body. Well, the bar that gets you to the top is a great addition to your training. But don’t you have it? Also with aerobic squats, Burpee And sit-up exercises, you can do a good exercise.

4. It’s cheap

Add it: You don’t train in the gym and you don’t have to buy expensive fitness equipment, so it won’t cost you a red cent. The only thing you have to spend some money for is sportswear. But you likely already have this in your closet.

5. Also for beginners

Are you a beginner in sports? Calestenics exercises are also suitable for you, because you have exercises for every level. Can’t make a withdrawal yet? Then focus on the aerosol or seated first, and work your way up to the pull later. Can you raise yourself ten times already? Then there are plenty of other challenging exercises to think about. In short: this sport is for all levels.

This is how gymnastics begins

Have you become excited about this method of training your body for your own body weight? You can of course run straight to the park to do some pull-ups there, but you better be inspired by a beginner’s training schedule.

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We recommend the videos of Dutch brothers Michael Wiannik. About five years ago, they switched from strength training to gymnastics. Now they help people who have the same ambitions.

One final important note: Even with this method of training, sleep and food are very important to allow your muscles to recover. So focus on Protein rich mealsFormal dress At least 8 hours of sleep And you don’t train every day. This way your muscles recover faster, and you’ll be ready for a new workout without annoying injuries.

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5 benefits of gymnastics exercises: exercise on body weight