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5 reasons narcissists are successful at work and what you can learn from them |  MyGuide

5 reasons narcissists are successful at work and what you can learn from them | MyGuide

answersIt’s no secret that narcissists often cultivate well in the workplace. They seem to be promoted more often and also receive a higher wage than their more modest colleagues. According to research conducted by the University of Amsterdam, almost everyone has narcissistic tendencies, but we can talk about a real personality disorder in about 6% of the population. We don’t want to let it get that far, but a little self-praise can pay off on your job. It summarizes what you can learn from narcissists.

Written by Johnny Hormans, in collaboration with Jobat

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1. Draw attention

Narcissists think they are great, and so do their professional accomplishments. No matter how small it actually is. In addition, they like nothing more than to talk about themselves, especially in the presence of people who can mean something to them. So they will not hold back from highlighting their achievements to their superiors and, if necessary, exaggerating.

If you’re working your way through the seams, of course you don’t want someone else to come off with the feathers. But if you stay under the radar, there is a real chance that you will not be automatically rewarded for your efforts. So it’s best, like a narcissist, that you open your mouth when it comes to him. The difference is that you don’t have to lie, exaggerate, or wrong others.

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2. Don’t hesitate

Narcissists do not doubt themselves, and this is also something you can learn from them. Many Belgians are very modest and/or insecure. This can stunt your (professional) growth. So take an example from your fellow narcissist and trust yourself.

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When a narcissist places himself above others, you simply leave that face out. Being confident without looking down on others or becoming arrogant will help you achieve your goals.

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3. Take risks

An (excessive) dose of self-confidence also reduces the fear of making decisions. Also those that involve certain risks. Narcissists also reap success in part because they are not afraid to take risks. Their self-confidence is so strong that their reservation or fear of possible consequences vanishes into thin air. If they encounter a problem, they will look outside for the cause and deny their role.

If you want to get a job, you will also have to dare to take a (logical) risk now and then. But if it turns out that it was not the best option, then look at yourself and learn from your mistakes.

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4. Perseverance

If you have ever struggled, it does not mean that you have finally failed and that you should give up on your dreams. Relapse or failure certainly does not mean that you are weak and not allowed to try again. Narcissists already understand this very well, and you can also remember it better.

Don `t give up. Set achievable goals and realize that it’s normal for what you want not to fall into your lap right away. You will most likely have to overcome some obstacles. However, don’t get discouraged too quickly by a setback or negative feedback.

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5. Focus on yourself

Have you ever been preoccupied with the problems of your colleagues? Empathy is a good trait, but it can get in the way of your development. For example, if you constantly support a (new) colleague or help him to correct his mistakes, you may lose focus on your work or your path.

Narcissists are fully aware of such things, and therefore choose firmly for themselves, without regard to the feelings of others. They will throw all their magic at people who can use it and ignore the others. This does not cause them any harm.

Try to find a good balance between your own interests and your dedication to others. Above all, be collective, but don’t lose sight of your goals.

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