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8 migrants drowned trying to cross the US-Mexico border

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At least eight migrants have drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande River between Mexico and the United States. Dozens had to be rescued. US Customs and Border Protection (CPB), Customs and Border Protection, said on Friday.

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The facts happened on Thursday, the CBP said in a press release. A group of immigrants attempted to cross illegally near Eagle Pass, Texas. 37 migrants were rescued, but eight deaths were also found during the rescue operation.

In total, 92 migrants were arrested, 37 by Mexican security forces and 53 by Americans. No information has been released on the age or nationality of the deceased.

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A CBP representative told the Washington Post it was the worst incident in years on the Rio Grande. Eagle is located in the Pas del Rio region, where nearly 50,000 migrants were rounded up last month, according to government sources.

The city’s fire chief, Manuel Mello, told the New York Times that the migrants were being swept away by strong currents. He said that more people are drowning in the region, one victim per day.

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