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A British couple under fire after a luxury private jet trip to Marrakesh

A British couple under fire after a luxury private jet trip to Marrakesh

June 19, 2022 – 9:00 pm – Morocco

A British couple is so happy about their trip on a private jet between the UK and Marrakesh that they are sharing their “rich” experience with their social media followers.

In a video they posted on their TikTok page titled “The Luxe Travel Couple,” accompanied by the caption: “What it’s like private travel instead of first travel [class]’, a wealthy couple recount the unforgettable experience of their trip on a private jet from the UK to Marrakesh. The woman is the narrator, as she recounts their arrival at the airport half an hour before their flight departs, according to reports. in knowledge

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At the airport they were greeted by the pilots and the flight attendant. They were taken to a private lounge where complimentary drinks and snacks were served. The Brits did not have to deal with the usual travel problems such as baggage weight, liquids and technology.

When it was time to leave, the couple was taken straight to their plane. “This is one of the smallest planes. As you can see, it seats six people, but for a three-hour flight, it was worth it,” says the woman. During the trip, free food and drinks were provided to the couple. Upon arrival in Marrakesh, the couple and their friends had to go through immigration and passport checks as usual. They were greeted in a private lounge and then taken to their hotels in Bentley cars.

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The publication of the video of the trip elicited many reactions, mainly negative. “I can’t afford either, but thanks for sharing something I would never personally experience,” said one TikTokker user. Another wrote, “Thank you for reminding us how poor we are.”