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A Chinese missile disintegrated over the Indian Ocean

A Chinese missile disintegrated over the Indian Ocean

A portion of a Chinese missile launched last week re-entered the atmosphere on Saturday and disintegrated over the Indian Ocean. The US military reported, without specifying whether the wreckage caused damage.

wafersource: France Press agency

Experts predicted that debris from the “Long Mars-5B” missile would crash to the ground on Saturday afternoon and late evening. The US Space Force said the missile re-entered Earth’s atmosphere at 6:45 pm GMT.

The US space agency NASA has criticized China for not breaking it down into smaller pieces after using it, which is the international standard. Additionally, the rocket was not built to return to Earth in a controlled manner. The rocket was used on July 24 to transport materials to the Tiangong Space Station under construction.


NASA CEO Bill Nelson tweeted Saturday that China “has not provided accurate information about the trajectory of the Long March-5B.” “All countries that conduct space activities should adhere to the agreed practices.” Because the fall of a missile of this size “brings great risks of human and material losses.”

When a rocket re-enters the atmosphere, tremendous heat and friction are generated, which can burn parts of it. However, large rockets such as the Long March-5B cannot be completely destroyed, causing debris to fall to the ground.

In May last year, the remains of a used missile crashed near the archipelago of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. According to Beijing, the “largest part” has already burned up during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. NASA was also crucial at the time.

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