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A green breeze blows through Middleburg

In the council proposal, the mayor and aldermen refer to the coalition agreement GroenLinks/PvdA, Local Party Middelburg (LPM), D66 and ChristenUnie reached in May. In that agreement, the section on greening the municipality appears to have been taken from GroenLinks/PvdA’s election manifesto.

For example, strict sustainability requirements will be imposed on new homes being built. Citizens and companies can borrow money cheaply from municipal funds set up to boost sustainability, such as installing solar panels on rooftops. In addition, the number of charging stations for electric cars should be expanded and non-electric freight traffic should be banned in the city center.

Those are still plans, but the college wants to explore what needs to be done to realize them. “From immediate actions to a structured long-term plan,” the college writes. “Energy transition and climate adaptation have a profound impact on everyday life. Now and in the future. A lot of money is involved and politics is uncontrollable. By designating this matter as a strategic plan, the city council has better insight and grasp. Developments. Is involved in achieving goals and budgeting.”

The new coalition is clearly in a hurry, after all, according to the collegiate parties, little has happened in the climate sector since 2018, when the council of the CDA, VVD and SGP took office. The new municipal executive did not say this himself, but it is nice to quote from the report of the Middleburg Court of Audit, which criticized the municipal environmental policy in May. For example, in 2018, the previous council did not update environmental plans to reflect recent developments.

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