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A link has been found between soda and colon cancer

Colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the Netherlands. Each year 13,000 people are diagnosed with colon cancer. Previous research has shown a link between consumption of sugary soft drinks during adolescence and the development of colon tumors and colon cancer later in life. Using data from the Maastricht Study and a large international group of more than 100,000 participants, researchers from Maastricht UMC+ in collaboration with the Institute of Cancer Research in London have found a link between an innate alteration in fructose processing. Colon Cancer.


Lead researcher Professor Martijn Brouwers explains: “It is often difficult to prove a causal relationship in nutrition research. People who drink soda often also have other unhealthy lifestyle habits, which could also explain the link with colorectal cancer. Through Studying people who, due to a genetic predisposition to processing fructose less well in the body, we can look specifically at the role of fructose in the development of colorectal cancer, and therefore our results point more in the direction of the actual causal relationship between fructose intake and the development of colon cancer. “.

sugar tax

These findings support the government’s current plans to introduce a sugar tax. Martijn Brouwers: “Fruit sugar consumption is high in Western society, especially among teenagers, because fructose is added to processed foods, such as soft drinks, so it is important to limit the intake of these types of sugars in processed foods as much as possible to prevent health problems.” later in life. A sugar tax – which has already proven its value in other countries – is one way to achieve this.”

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By: National Care Guide