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A US judge has now appealed to access classified documents from Trump’s home

The US Justice Department wants to appeal the reopening of the FBI’s investigation into classified documents found during a raid on former President Donald Trump’s home.

An FBI raid of Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, in early August yielded more than 11,000 government documents. The ministry is probing various matters, including whether confidential documents were withheld and whether attempts were made to subvert the central government’s investigation.

Earlier this week, an independent judge was appointed at Trump’s request. This one Special Master Examines the items found during the search.

According to the former president, the FBI investigation is politically motivated and an independent party is needed to examine the documents more closely. There will also be personal documents from him. Experts stress that the FBI would not conduct such a large-scale raid without a valid reason.

The judge, who appointed an independent judge, ruled that the FBI should not immediately proceed with its investigation into the classified documents. The Justice Department made the request after Trump urged the judge to suspend the criminal investigation pending an independent judge.

The Justice Department is now trying to access about a hundred seized files containing classified information through an appeal.

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