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AA Gent komt tegen Westerlo terug van achterstand en bedankt Hugo Cuypers voor omgezette strafschop

AA Gent returns from behind in front of Westerlo and thanks Hugo Cuypers for the converted penalty

He will also remain very busy at the Ghent Clinic in the coming days. After Norio, Oso, Ojega and Depuitre were not fit for a home match against Westerlo, Hjolsager, Samoys and Combs as well.prematurely to the side. Westerlo seemed to take full advantage of the skepticism of the unreleased team that started Vanheysbroek, but in the end Buffalos corrected this imbalance before the break.

With owner Fofana, Vanheisbroek has chosen a young and inexperienced player to replace long-time injured Tariq Tisudale. Jonas De Roeck also has to lay off a strong stand for several months and replace Daci with his former Buffalo Vetokele. Matthias Weckels made his midfield debut this season at the start of the match.

In the end, Sven Combs turned out to be usable, but Solomon Mara was sidelined after Alicia Oso was also injured, and that same was already the basis for Westerlo’s opening goal in the fifth minute. The Gambian was suffocated by ball control, which meant that the visiting striker was only allowed to get close to Rove and beat him as well (0-1).

Photo: BELGA

Gent tried to respond quickly via Castro Montes, but it was too difficult for Buffalos to play football, who struggled with Westerlo’s close fender barely giving way. There were no chances to score and in half an hour Hjulsager also pulled out due to injury. The Dane was replaced by a new one: Salah.

This substitution did not help the skeptical Ghent players in the least. Then on hold, Castro Montes thought and kicked a calculated corner to the year-old Torunarigha who slithered into Marreh. Al-Gambi made up for his 0-1 error and equalized from close range. The relief in Ghent’s ranks was palpable.

AA Gent returns from behind in front of Westerlo and thanks Hugo Cuypers for the converted penalty

Photo: BELGA

As the break approached, De Cuyper suddenly started a very flashy hand game and referee Smet pointed hard at the penalty kick. Coerce scored his duty and even gave Gent the lead with a super kick (2-1). Strict judgment for visitors who were not embarrassed in the first period, but appeared more and more in the vicinity of Rove.

Ghent’s injury wave continues

The second half started spectacularly: Bulat, after the break constantly fired by the fanatical part of the Ghent crowd, was forced to go straight to work when Coerce slipped through the offside trap. Westerlo could only narrowly recover from that loss, shortly before the break. However, Gent failed to capitalize: Queirce hesitated for too long and Salah eventually headed wide of the goal. A great shot from Castro Montes was converted into a corner by Polat.

Just an hour later, Samoise also climbed to the side, so that Castro-Montes started playing again from the right. Godot has already appeared at left-back. Gent couldn’t keep the pressure of the fourth quarter and Westerlo suddenly scored a chance, but Ruff kept Ghent’s lead on the scoreboard.

AA Gent returns from behind in front of Westerlo and thanks Hugo Cuypers for the converted penalty

Photo: BELGA

Gradually the match went on until the end and it was clear that Ghent had two minds: defending the lead but perhaps still scoring a third goal. In addition, Kums also turned out to be unable to continue in the last quarter, so Castro-Montes had to play centrally and Hanche-Olsen was placed on the right. Then Lemagic came to relieve the tired Fofana.

Preparation of AA Gent: ruff; Okomo, Ngdeo, Torunariga; Samoise (67′ Godeau), Marreh, Kums (85′ Hanche-Olsen), Castro Montes; Hjulsager (33′ Salah), Kuipers, Fofana (85′ Lemajic)

Westerlo . setting: bulat. Seigers, Neustadter, Tagir (73′ Madsen), De Cuyper; Jordanoff, Fixelles (67′ Bernat), Van Eenoo, Van Den Keybus (88′ Goure); Vetokele (73′ Dierckx), Vaesen (67′ Dorgeles)

Objectives: 5′ Fetokele 0-1, 38′ Marais 1-1, 45 + 3′ Quirs (pen) 2-1

yellow cards: Once, Limagic

red cards: number

Rule: wim named

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