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Aesthetically transformed into minute details

Aesthetically transformed into minute details

Our loyal partner Laura Calleeuw renovated this fireplace and TV wall for a client in Ledegem. Given an open corridor and a seamless transition from the kitchen to the dining and sitting area, she chose the two-sided hair that connects all the spaces.

Since the back wall of the stove is made of ribbed steel, a very special type of wood has been selected that goes well with this. They wanted this back wall to continue visually at the back of the floating sofa. Larch wood has a deeper grain and a clear vertical grain direction, so it blends well and is visually continuous. This way the space is opened up and the space expands and connects visually. A greige natural stone plinth extends from the dining room to the living room. The sofa floats above the base in a comfortable seating function, because you have enough legroom under the sofa.

To keep the show quiet and still offer multiple options, sliding panels were used.

Fresh air is drawn from the bottom plinth under the heater. The exhaust and ventilation of the stove were placed in a vertical grille on the side of the stove furniture. The function is thus transformed from an aesthetic point of view into minute details. To keep the show quiet and still offer multiple options, sliding panels were used. For example, you can choose whether the fireplace is only the exposed or a combination of the fireplace and the TV wall. Kallio always tries to hide the TV because, personally, she does not want to combine the fireplace and the TV too close to each other. This is on the one hand difficult to design and on the other hand too busy for the eye. In addition, it is also difficult to focus on the two animations at the same time. In order to accentuate the image of the TV when the heater is on, and not just the look of the TV, it was decided to leave the dark wood back as the back wall of the TV wall. This way the image appears on its own and there is a sufficient variety of materials in the right places. Finally, to expand the whole, two color tones were used. On the one hand the tones that come from the type of wood and on the other hand the shades of gray that are reflected in the custom work of the natural stone, the painting and finishing technique in the weaving and the finishing with loose furniture. With the right choice of materials and colors, Kallio has been able to create a fireplace and TV wall that are functional yet radiate comfort. We are already impressed and looking forward to her next projects!

Photography by Bert Demashore

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