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After a call last week, Delphine LeCompte got her first photo: "Unfortunately, she's dying" |  The smartest person in the world

After a call last week, Delphine LeCompte got her first photo: “Unfortunately, she’s dying” | The smartest person in the world

TelevisionThe usually shy Delphine Lecompte greeted Monday evening at the smartest person What I ordered: One real photo. Usually someone complains about it, but the poet was applauded for it. Then there was jury member Margaret Hermans who admitted that she is sexually affected when she pushes her nose into her partner’s pubic area. Fortunately, there was also a high-level test in Episode 5. Jonas Geernert lost for the first time.

Dirty game. We wrote that after the previous episode, when Boris van Severen seemed to be the likely winner, but in the end he lost it all. Jonas Geernert also now knows how filthy the “smartest person” can be. The red carpet was rolled out for the sixth entry, but thanks to one bad question about one movie, he lost the win. And then, despite the great progress, will be played on home soil by newcomer Eva de Roux after a thrilling 1-2 result in the final. Nothing is certain in this world of competitions. However, Eva de Roux is Jonas Geirnert’s “Black Beast”.

Go back in time, to the end of December 2016. Eva De Roo, Gilles Van Bouwel and Jonas Geirnaert compete in “The Smartest Human” for a final ticket against Olga Laers. Van Boyle wins the ring. In an exciting final, De Roo and Geirnaert look each other in the eyes. It’s a long final. Eva has 392 seconds, Jonas 354. Finally, Jonas could finish if he could list five overcrowded Belgian prisons. That doesn’t work, so Eva takes charge at 35-44. I was asked who Ibrahimovic is and you know perfectly well that this is a Swedish footballer who plays for Paris Saint-Germain. Exit Geirnaert.

last weeks

Six years later, the “smartest roads” of de Roe and Gernaert intersect again. Jonas obviously has the best cards again, but in the end he has to start the final against Eva. He plays all or nothing and drops to the 1-2 position. For an easy question – who is Kim Clijsters? – And immediately call the “tennis player”. And so Gernaert to play at home again. With consolation that he is the first participant to confirm his place in recent weeks.

The ‘Scared Bat’ of Episode III, unexpectedly crowned himself with victory. With some luck for Delphine Lecompte, but well done. And thanks to the all-important movie tour, in which Jonas took the lead very comfortably, but finally stumbled to his sliver. With “House of Gucci” and “Ridley Scott,” Lecompte was clearly the winner.

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By the way, the first episode of week two was full of did you know that. For example, Van Lowe told that Anthony Ntti, the sympathetic gentleman from last season, is on Forbes’ list of the most promising people in his 30s under 30, and that Gunther Neves, son of Louis Neves, also sings that Eva de Roux laughs insanely. His tongue is clear between his teeth and he always eats “mouse dung” on his sandwiches. Even if the jam is already settled. Delphine Lecombet admitted that she was a thief at the time. Stimorol packs.

best quotes

Eva De Roux (on Jonas): “Don’t you know Jonas who played you at home last time?” “I remember it so well,” Jonas said. “I still dream about it every night.”

Delphine (whether she’s already got a Picatix dick): “Yeah, I’ve got the first one,” followed by applause. “Unfortunately, it was a moribund, aging state, but hey, you should be happy with what you’re getting.”

Bucky (about herself and jury member Margaret Hermans): “I think he should look pretty on TV. It’s exactly the last two they pick in a physical education class. The other two…”

(Read more below the funniest moments video.)

fun moments

Bockie shows how he learned to walk and grow calves thanks to the principal. He leaves the jury table for this and appears to be making the recordings in shorts.

Bockie jokes: “I once stood at a cash register in den Aldi. They said, ‘I stole cheese.’ I said, ‘But no, I have an excuse.'” Eric Van Looy mentioned that he knows the TV series about cheese theft: “Raspe “.

Candidates must complete another practical test. This time they have to recreate Justin Bieber’s dance move. “All my literary credibility is lost,” Lecompte sighed after a lousy dance.

Transformation moments

There is no or almost no time difference in “3-6-9”. Eva De Roo slowly embarks on the Open Door Tour. As a radio presenter, she made the mistake of not knowing anything about Louis Nives.

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Solve the “puzzle” whistling by our trio. On the photo tour, Delphine makes the best turn.

The video tour is really crucial. Jonas takes full advantage of a weak moment from Eva De Roux, who doesn’t know much about Joe Biden’s inauguration. Then I stole 40 seconds from Delphine. Jonas knows nothing about the movie “House of Gucci”. Eva can only catch up for 30 seconds, but Delphine takes 90 seconds and even wins.

In the final, Jonas never makes the difference. Eva gives 20 correct answers, Jonas exactly 6. However, De Roo very much risks lowering himself to the 1-2 position. Fortunately, you get an easy question and give a good answer within a second. Jonas exit.

(Read more below the game’s final video.)

Final score (for the final match)

1. Delphin Lycombet: 480 seconds

2. Jonas Gernert: 421 seconds

3. Eva de Roux: 258 seconds

The result

1. Jonas Gernert: 5 starts, 2 wins, 2 finals, 1 final lost

2. Delphine Lecompte: 3 entries, 2 wins, 1 at the end

3. Ella Leyers: two entries, one win at the end; Lost 1 in the final

Fairholst changed: 2 entries, 1 win; Lost 1 in the final

5. Eva de Roux: 1 entry, 1 win in the final


Geely Clemens (37), who competed in 2013, was good at 5 starts and 3 wins. In short, the new leap in the field.

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