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After allegations of corruption, sexism and lack of diversity: the Golden Globes may return to the screen |  showbiz

After allegations of corruption, sexism and lack of diversity: the Golden Globes may return to the screen | showbiz

MovieThe Golden Globe Awards, one of the most important film and television awards, was not broadcast this year. NBC turned its back on the awards ceremony after allegations of corruption, sexism and a blatant lack of diversity within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that selects nominees and award winners. But next year, the Golden Globes may be back on screen after all.

It is not yet certain whether the Golden Globes will air on NBC in 2023. The ceremony, which honors the best film and television actors, is said to be in talks with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to return to the network next year. “It’s not a foregone conclusion yet,” a source told Deadline. An insider shared the same sentiment with The Wrap. An HFPA spokesperson and an NBC spokesperson declined to comment.

Discrimination, sexism and corruption

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the controversial organization of non-American journalists and photographers behind the Golden Globes, came under heavy fire just before the 2021 gala when an article in the Los Angeles Times revealed that the HFPA had no black people at the time. Then it had 87 members. There have also been complaints about sexism and corruption within the organization for some time, and many of its members have been doing little or no journalistic work. As a result, Hollywood boycotted the ceremony. Tom Cruise even brought back all three of his awards and NBC refused to broadcast the Golden Globes again.

Except for the past year, NBC has broadcast the Globe annually since 1996. In 2018, the National Commercial Bank committed to paying $60 million annually to HFPA to continue broadcasting the awards ceremony through 2026. Following the revelations in the Los Angeles Times, the network stated NBC that they still believe in the HFPA: “We continue to believe that the Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association is committed to meaningful reforms. However, changes of this magnitude take time and work, and we believe that the Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association needs time to get it right.”

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The HFPA quickly began implementing major reforms, including prohibiting members from accepting gifts, and did not put an end to adding new members. Twenty-one new members joined the organization, six of whom were black. But nearly a quarter of its members voted against the radical changes and a few others questioned the sincerity of the HFPA and resigned.

The organization also rejected many by choosing to continue the party in 2022. At the January 9 meeting, there was no red carpet ceremony, no audience, no press, and no live broadcast. In March, Sunshine Sachs, the HFPA’s longtime public relations firm, closed after the resignation of its diversity consultant and crisis PR consultant.

The vast majority in Hollywood still view the HFPA as morally irresponsible. Much astonishment was raised when it was revealed that the acquisition of HFPA by Eldridge Industries would not only turn the organization into a for-profit organization, but that HFPA members would henceforth receive an annual salary of $75,000. An additional group of journalists will also be called to vote thus increasing diversity within the organization. Nothing will be paid to them. The HFPA will create a separate nonprofit organization for charitable efforts.

In recent weeks, the HFPA has formed an advisory committee consisting of publicists who want to appeal the Golden Globes. The organization also sent a letter to senior publicists outlining their progress and intentions moving forward. The HFPA states that it has “heed the call for change” and “increased diversity, transparency and accountability”. It remains to be seen who will work with the HFPA and appear at the Golden Globe Awards in the coming months.

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