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Alfred Schroeder in Extra Time about Noa Lang: "It bothered him, it bothered me" |  Jupiler Pro League

Alfred Schroeder in Extra Time about Noa Lang: “It bothered him, it bothered me” | Jupiler Pro League

In extra time, Alfred Schroeder spoke about his difficult start with Noa Lang, about the potential of other top footballers at Club Brugge and his assistant Karl Hofkins. The trainer also makes it clear that he doesn’t work with one system. “The most important players are the ones who decide that,” says the Dutchman.

“Long is perhaps one of my greatest victories.”

Just like Alfred Schroeder, Noa Lang has a past at Ajax. “Noah is a great boy,” says the coach.

“It’s true that I had some problems with him at first,” Schroeder humbly admits. I thought he had to act differently at certain times.

“I discussed it with him. And for me it was one of the biggest victories we had together.”

“Maybe I didn’t do everything right either,” Schroeder continues. “I couldn’t hit him at first. I told him so.”

I annoyed him, he annoyed me.

Alfred Schroeder

Vanaken can play football in Ajax

At Club Brugge, Alfred Schreuder works with Crème de la crème in Belgian football. Defended goalkeeper Simon Mignolet for the colors of Liverpool. Who else thinks he can take a big step forward?

Noah Lang and Charles de Kettleri? “Sure, they both have potential,” Schroeder replied in extra time. “Charles is very talented, very smart and plays football in a very functional way. Noah sure can take steps too.”

to Ajax? “He just came from there,” laughs Schroeder, the future coach of the Dutch institute.

And Hans Vanaken? Schroeder: “In terms of football, he can play for Ajax. 100 percent.”

Karl Hoefkens T1?

Alfred Schroeder will return to Ajax after this season, where he was already working as an assistant. Will assistant Karl Hofkins succeed him in Bruges?

“You never know,” Schroeder remains candid. “In the discussions we have allowed him to introduce the opponent and he is doing it very well. I think he is still developing as a coach.”

More football in the play-offs

Aside from AA Gent, no team has been able to beat Club Brugge this year. With football on Alfred Schroeder’s mind?

“We played better and more dominant. You can see that in all the stats,” says the coach who succeeded Philippe Clement at the beginning of January.

“In the play-offs we played football in a practical way. Because winning is very important.”

Schroeder started at Club Brugge with dynamic football. Then turn things around. “With Buchanan and Skov Olsen I had two right wingers. The team felt more comfortable with 3 central defenders.”

The coach listened to his players. “What kind of rocker would I be different from? I talk to guys all the time. It’s about how they feel,” Schroeder says.

“I don’t have a fixed system. The most important players are the ones who decide that. At Club Brugge they are Michel, Mignolet, Mata, Vanaken and Di Kitilari.”

I don’t have a fixed system. It is determined by the main players.

Alfred Schroeder
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