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Allocations get extra space in Oostvlietpolder

Allocations get extra space in Oostvlietpolder

Alderman Ashley North and Chairman Henk Potting about LVO. (Images: Chris de Ward, Video: Robert Bourse).

The comprehensive organization of dedicated Leiden Garden Associations has a new name and will continue to be Leiden Allotment Garden (LVO). “The old name doesn’t really cover it anymore,” says Chairman Henk Potting. This old name, the Leiden Association of Amateur Gardeners, is very broad. Certainly with the addition of more and more green initiatives in the city that have nothing to do with customizations. Stadstuinderij Het Zoete Land near Zoeterwoudsesingel, for example, or Etenbos Okkerheide in Merenwijk.

In addition to the new name, LVO has also set a new vision for the coming years. Much attention is paid to natural gardening, promoting biodiversity, and avoiding toxins. Many parks are already doing what is needed in this area, but it is now also a policy.

What remains is the representation of the interests of the six privatization societies with a total of about 1,200 members in Leiden. One of the highlights for LVO for years has been to make up for the allocation space that disappeared in the past to make way for new construction. At the Rheinhof cemetery, for example, the allotments of the Toengrup Feldheim had to give way.

The municipality had already promised in 2016 that these parks would be reimbursed in Oostvlietpolder. Alderman Ashley North, who received the LVO vision document from the Cronesteyn Garden Association last week, confirmed that the lost allotted garden space would be compensated for this term by adding a piece of pasture to the allotments at Onderlinge Tuinvereniging and Tuinvereniging Oostvliet. “We don’t know yet if these two consortia will manage the additional allocations or if a new consortium will be added,” says Henk Botting, LVO’s chairman.

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Expansion is not only fulfilling an old promise, but it is also much needed. Allocations are very popular and there are long waiting lists. So Kronstein announced the freezing of membership. About a hundred additional parks will be built in Oostvlietpolder. The shared queue is about five times longer.

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