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Almost anything is possible at the popular Rotterdam Cafe de Show

Last Sunday, Tineke Speksnijder, owner of café de Schouw on Rotterdam’s Witte de Withstraat, first told some regulars about the news. She was almost in tears as she nodded at a table in the empty store. She had put off the decision for months, had sleepless nights, and it wasn’t until recently that she finally took the plunge.

He will stop by the 82-year-old Café-De-Sho, especially popular with poets, journalists and artists. The property is “fully cooked”, She wrote In a message on Facebook. “The walls crack and the top moves when the wind blows hard.” And there is always water in the basement. The owner, who had been renting the Spexnijder property since 1870, had it demolished and rebuilt. Work will begin in January and will last for over a year.

Speksnijder doesn’t like starting in the same place again. The shop as it stands now, with a classy bar and old posters on the walls, is her shove. Last week he signed the sales contract; She sells the business (‘license, contents, goodwill, name’) to the owner of the property. She can’t tell what she’ll get.

Interface Cafe de Chauve.
Photo by Walter Autumn

Keep the sign

It threatens to end the popular café, which has made its mark on the changing and increasingly popular Vita de Withstraat. Although it is possible that after the renovation, another owner will continue the cafe under the same name, in a new jacket. But once Speksnijder leaves, the soul is expected to disappear from the cafe. “It is often said: This chimney, that is me.” Twenty years ago she started as a bartender and nine years ago she became an owner.

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A book presentation? “Okay, buddy.” A literary drink? “Yes, we arrange.” And the regular poetry evening – the successful ‘Poet’s Society’? Of course, she does. Almost anything is possible at T Show. “Unless you’re bored, it’s impossible.” She never had security guards. “I am the best porter.”

The late Jules Deilter wanted to be there and Wilfred de Jong still wants to be there. Former professional footballer Robin’s father, artist Bob van Persie, was a bartender there. Journalists from NRC, Free people And AD, formerly editorial offices around the corner, regular guests, letting off steam after the newspaper was ‘abandoned’. ‘It was always blue with smoke,’ says a booklet published on the 75th anniversary. Today it is a favorite pub Fresh concreteA local newspaper site.

The Rotterdam Museum once said that the pub is ‘a living room for a literature-loving Rotterdam’.
Photo by Walter Autumn

Vita de With Island

Leafs through the Speksnijder booklet, pointing to a 1979 black-and-white photo of a full Schouw. “This property has a lot of history.” It is called Vita de With Island. “Because it’s different from other things. It’s an old-school cafe, a stubborn cafe.” Opened on September 12, 1940 as a ‘chic bodega’, says the yearbook, then a ‘worn brown pub’ and now a ‘real cafe’.

Farewell will dominate the first week of January. “It’s a bit of a swallow,” says Spexnijder (her age? “Don’t add it”). Demolition should begin in mid-January. She carries very precious souvenirs with her. “A few posters, a painting, all my Feyenoord stuff.”

She will be traveling a lot soon. Argentina, learn Spanish and take tango lessons. Australia, New Zealand and Asia love to see them. “Then I buy a camper and a dog and we go through Europe.” In the summer, she wants to do some catering work again. But De Show is a thing of the past for her.

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