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Amazon acquires Belgian mechatronics company Cloostermans – IT Pro – News

VPRO has been broadcasting about it (a while ago).
But everyone who signed this will participate, including NL.
But because I think Belgium will also have signed this agreement, this will also apply there

But I see, as is often the case with acquisitions, that the company is divested, on the one hand, is understandable, because you can already manage this yourself, but on the other hand, there will be layoffs again.
Whatever @chime Points out, how about Cloostermans support for its customers?

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Do you have a link @Akoz ? I don’t know better than that and the last thing I do know is that France wanted to get rid of that agreement.
I found, I’m going to remove the text and edit, the election with Trump is paused, and if they want to continue that now, this must first be agreed to through all sorts of ways. I even heard the bell ring, but I couldn’t find the decanter, I didn’t know anything better myself and hadn’t looked at or researched for a few years now (TV came out the door 25 years ago) ;)But he knew that made a lot of people think.

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