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Amazon will begin drone delivery of parcels in the United States this year Abroad

Amazon is set to begin drone delivery of parcels in the United States for the first time this year. The company itself states this.

The retailer will launch a test in Lockford, California later this year. The exact date is not yet known. Lockford residents ordering on Amazon can choose from the website to have some items delivered to their home by garden drone. Amazon plans to expand the region if the test goes well and obtains the necessary licenses from local authorities.

The drones are pre-planned and will automatically fly to the right places. Amazon says it uses sensors to avoid other planes, people, pets and obstacles in the way. The aim is to deliver light parcels within an hour to customers in sparsely populated areas.

“Once in Lockford, customers will see Prime Air products that qualify for Prime Ace on Amazon. They usually place an order and receive an estimated arrival time with the status tracker for their order. For these deliveries, the drone flies to the designated delivery location, descends to the customer’s backyard, and hovers at a safe altitude. It will safely release the package and go up again. “

This is a major milestone for Amazon, which announced its drone development program in 2013, but has been overtaken by competitors such as Walmart and UPS.