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Amber Heard continues to provoke Johnny Depp: "He himself gives a TV interview, if he has a problem with me" |  Famous People

Amber Heard continues to provoke Johnny Depp: “He himself gives a TV interview, if he has a problem with me” | Famous People

Famous PeopleAmber Heard, 36, has not said the last word on her lawsuit against ex-husband Johnny Depp, 59. The actress first spoke about the trial in an interview with NBC: “I will always stand by my testimony,” she said. She might be in trouble with that, because she lost her defamation case to Johnny. Heard doesn’t seem to mind. “He himself gave an interview.”

In her interview with journalist Savannah Guthrie, Heard again claimed that it was Johnny who physically abused her, not the other way around. She stood her ground and said she would stand behind her testimony in court forever. According to experts, Johnny can therefore sue her again for defamation, since he has already taken her to court for those same statements.

“I have a file at home full of notes from my therapist over the years,” Heard said. “They proved that Johnny abused me, and that I had been talking to them about it for years.” The documents, which can be seen on screen during the interview, include a specific incident from 2012. It states, among other things, that Johnny Depp “threw her against the wall and threatened to kill her.” Eight months later, the actress was said to have “ripped off her nightgown and then threw her on the bed”. In 2013, Depp was said to once again “throw his ex-wife into a wall and threaten to kill her”. However, the alleged file was not presented as evidence at trial.

Therefore, Amber is convinced she’s right, despite continued online speculation about a possible disgruntled reaction from Johnny Depp. Heard isn’t afraid of that either. “If Johnny has a problem meeting me, I suggest he go to NBC himself and answer all of Savannah Guthrie’s questions.” Heard’s spokesman conveyed this message to the press.

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“I’m not for revenge,” Amber further noted in an interview with NBC. “This would be a huge effort, just to get revenge. As crazy as it may sound, my only goal, the only thing I can hope for, is for people to see me as a human again.”

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