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Amber Heard's insurance company will pay $1 million in damages, but now it's refusing to do so because of a detail in the contract

Amber Heard’s insurance company will pay $1 million in damages, but now it’s refusing to do so because of a detail in the contract

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Amber Heard’s insurance company will not pay a portion of the $8.3 million she owes to her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. This was reported by the British Daily Mail.

source: Daily Mail, RTL

Heard has $1 million liability insurance with New York Marine and General Insurance, which she hoped would cover at least some of the damage she had to pay her ex-husband Johnny Depp. The document effectively covers all types of wrongful conduct, including defamation, but there is a clause that may prevent the insurance company from paying the part.

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This is a clause that states that if a customer is found to have “intentionally committed misconduct,” no intervention should be made. This is where the boot pinches for Heard. In its libel ruling, the court ruled that the actress’ behavior was “willful” and “malicious”. The insurance company now wants the judge to declare that they do not have to pay a portion of Heard’s bill. And so the story surrounding the process between the former active spouses continues. Last Friday, Heard’s lawyers requested a new trial, Because there could have been someone on the jury who didn’t belong

“Mrs. Heard is entitled to rely on a fundamental assurance, as provided in Virginia law, that the jurors at this trial have been effectively summoned to perform jury duty,” the order read. “In this case, it appears that Juror 15 was not the same person listed on the jury. This compromised a fair trial for Mrs. Heard. Under the circumstances, the trial should be annulled and a new trial ordered.”

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