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AMD may come with a lower-quality Navi 24' RX 6300 desktop video card

AMD may come with a lower-quality Navi 24′ RX 6300 desktop video card

AMD comes with the lower-end RX 6300, based on the current RDNA 2 ‘Navi 24’. The manufacturer has updated its Linux 5.19 kernel with new AMDGPU recalls provided by the company which includes the new Beige Coby SKU known as Device ID 0x7424. It may be a new product from AMD.

The Beige Coby was called because the Device ID has the same numerical layout as the comparable gpus under the same name. Similar GPUs are the more affordable Navi 24 GPUs, used in the RX 6400 and RX 6500 XT. Thus, the new GPU will be the third variant based on the Navi 24 and will be placed below the RX 6400.

AMD has not announced anything at this time. A portable version was launched, the RX 6300M. It’s the lowest positioned RX 6000 GPU, compared to the Radeon 680M, the integrated GPU for laptops. The RX 6300M ​​has 768 cores, like the RX 6400. The difference is infinite cache usage and memory bandwidth. The RX 6300M ​​has a clock speed of 1512MHz and cannot be overclocked. The memory bandwidth can be up to 64 GB / s, with 2 GB of RAM. The infinite cache is 8MB, which is actually quite small.

When the desktop version of the RX 6300M ​​is released, it is expected to be the slowest desktop graphics card to use the RDNA 2 architecture. So it could act as a hardware accelerator or be an inexpensive option for adding multiple monitors.

MSI Radeon RX 6500 XT Mech 2X OC 4GB
It is an entry-level video card with 1024 stream processors and Navi 24-gpu


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