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American abortion law is in danger, will it happen in the Netherlands?

In the United States, the right to abortion is now restricted nationally, but that may change. If it expires, it is up to the states to decide how to control the abortion. In left-wing, democratic states, much will not change, but in more than twenty Republican-led states, this will change. Are already Laws that completely prohibit abortion.

Fought down the street to the wrath of thousands of Americans.

‘Abortion is a human right’

But in the United States alone the verdict caused great frustration. The same is true in the Netherlands. “Fighting so hard for the right to abortion, and now in danger again is unimaginable,” says Annemieke van Straalen. He was one of the organizers of the #BaasInEigenBuik solidarity demonstration for abortion law. It starts at 1pm at Dam Square in Amsterdam.

Tens of thousands of protesters are expected. “The right to abortion is a human right, but it is by no means self-evident.”

Protesters are not only taking to the streets to show solidarity with American women, but they are also concerned about the abortion law in the Netherlands. “The anti-abortion lobby is even bigger in the Netherlands, which is many times bigger than you think,” says Van Strolon. An example of an organization that plays a key role in this lobby is Stitching Shriv Om Eleven.

Among other things, it ensures that anti-abortion activists harass women who go to abortion hospitals. In this episode of BNOS the BNNVARA show.

‘Stay Awake’

Former Dole Minas, a group of feminist activists from the 1970s, who fought for self-determination about abortion (‘Boss in Eugen Buick’) also removed their banners from the terrace to take part in the protest. One of them is Ida van Jiggle. “We shouldn’t sleep,” she says.

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“There is always the risk that rights will be taken away from us.” Van Giesel believes that, unlike other countries in Europe, abortion law is now fairly regulated in the Netherlands. “But we also see the opposition being organized harder and better, so we have to be vigilant.”

Abortion law in the Netherlands

Abortion is allowed until the 24th week of pregnancy. In practice, doctors consider 22 weeks because they can accurately determine the duration of pregnancy up to two weeks. After that, abortion is possible only for the most serious medical reasons.

There is still a mandatory response period for abortion at this time, but it has a good chance of being eliminated soon. Majority in the House of Representatives This period of forced reaction supported the bill being thrown in the trash.

Pregnancy can be stopped with an abortion pill or surgery. Currently only abortion clinics are allowed to offer abortion pills, but some GPs must allow themselves to do so. If it is in the House of Representatives, it will happen soon. The majority supported it recently Bill to allow this. This is the second change in abortion rules in a short period of time.

The role of the political environment

Eneck van der Vlukt believes we should be ‘alert and vigilant’. She is an abortion and contraception specialist at Rudders Sexual Knowledge Center. “In the case of abortion we are currently bringing in the most liberal law in the Netherlands,” he says. We have long thought that the right to abortion is good, but it is not so.

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According to Van der Wuldt, the problem lies in the fact that abortion law is political in nature. “You never know what the future may bring.”

‘Closer than you think’

“It only takes one madman to come to power, and the right can be taken away from you,” says organizer Van Strolon. He cites Poland as an example. Last year a new abortion law was introduced there, which made it almost impossible to have another abortion despite having incurable abnormalities. “So it’s closer than you think.”

Finally, Van der Vlugt said: “It is good that women are once again focusing on abortion law. We are joining the forces. It is a right that we must continue to fight for.”