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Anderlecht women see a double: after the national title, they also win the cup |  Women's Super League

Anderlecht women see a double: after the national title, they also win the cup | Women’s Super League

More quality on the field, coach in mutual duels and title already in the pocket. On paper, Anderlecht could not and should not lose the cup final to Standard.

The women of Liege knew that they faced a very difficult task and put the line of defense on edge. This paid off, with a little help from the goal frame, and the scene score remained on the scoreboard until the end of the first half

Standard herself had two big chances, but Van Eynde and Vanmechelen didn’t keep a quiet eye with the Odeurs. The Purple & White team understood the hint and converted the pace, but again the goal frame was right on Captain De Neve’s free kick.

Wijnants scored a liberating goal midway through the second half. Al-Badeel and Zaraoui provided a breath of fresh air in the stadium with their taste. On a pass from Wullaert, she reached the final in a decisive fold.

Tessa Wallart—who else is—scored another goal after a lunge and gave coach Johan Walem a great parting gift: a brace.

Stefan Guede (Standard Coach): “I’m disappointed, but also proud. For 69 minutes we are tactically perfect, after the opening goal we had a very difficult time physically.”

“I have to thank my players for the sacrifices they made, Anderlecht was technically the best and made the difference. The players know we had a good season and that the final was a good sign for women’s football.”

Tessa Walert (Anderlecht): “Our goal was to get the double, we did it together, so I’m proud of the team. It’s a party tonight and tomorrow I’m going on a trip! I wanted to get on board with the double anyway.”

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“We were expecting Standard to be fully involved in the duels. I think we struggled a little bit. After the first goal, you see we gain confidence and then we make three.”

“When I started as a striker, I went into my game a little bit more. On the wing I got the ball less, which made me a little frustrated. Luckily I have a good team behind me that supports me and defends me really hard, that’s what they did very well. A lot of.”