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Android apps on Windows 11 can connect to local network after update – Computer – News

Microsoft launched Windows subsystem for Android in Fifth And betaChannels updated to Android 12.1. As of this update, it is also possible for Android apps in Windows 11 to communicate on the local network.

Android 12.1 is also known as Android 12L. Microsoft calls As new examples of how smart home devices and security cameras can be controlled thanks to local network access. So far, Android apps in Windows 11 can only connect to the Internet.

Furthermore, the Redmond-based company announced a redesign of the Settings app for WSA. It now has “clearer groups” and a “cleaner” user experience. There is also Diagnostic Data Viewer Introduction where all data collected by the subsystem can be displayed. Finally, there are new compatibility settings for apps, where you can set, for example, that the Android app window cannot be maximized or minimized, or that the arrow keys do a “scroll” on the app screen.

Android apps are now also integrated into the Windows status bar. Icons will be displayed when Android apps use your microphone, camera, or location tracking, for example. It should also be easy to see what applications are there. In addition, as of this version, Android notifications will be forwarded as Windows notifications. Also, waking the computer from sleep mode should not cause Android apps to restart.

The improvements can be found in Windows version 2204.40000.15.0. This is available to the so-called Windows Insiders. This is a launch channel that anyone can subscribe to. Officially, WSA for Windows 11 is not available outside the US, but it is It is also possible To start using Android in Windows outside this country.

The Zonneplan app in this screenshot is installed on a Windows 11 installation outside the US
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