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Annelies Converts Old Listed House in Merelbeke Into Her Dream Home: 'The Illuminator is Our Greatest Wealth' |  MyGuide

Annelies Converts Old Listed House in Merelbeke Into Her Dream Home: ‘The Illuminator is Our Greatest Wealth’ | MyGuide

liviusArchitect Annelies Comptdaer already has a lot of experience in home renovation, but caring for her home is a much more special thing. She now lives in the center of Merelbeke with her boyfriend and daughter. She converted an old listed home into a modern family home. Construction site Livios Allowed to look inside.

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“The terraced house in the 1930s looked very old and dark,” Annelies recalls. “However, we saw the potential to make something interesting. The rooms were large, with high ceilings, something you rarely find in newly built homes. The cozy garden at the back, just like the site in the center of Merelbeke, was a wonderful asset.”

complete freedom

“We completed the purchase in 2017, and since I am an architect myself, the whole process went much smoother than usual. At the beginning of 2018, we submitted the environmental permit, so that contractors could work in the summer. We were able to move into our new home in Spring 2019.”

But at first it was necessary to carry out a major renovation, which Anneliese did not turn around as an architect. “I already had a lot of experience with this from my job, so I approached this project the same way. Although of course it would be nice to be able to do your own thing completely. Before we started the plans, we first dismantled a large part of the house. That way We saw exactly how everything was put together.”

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The entire house was wrapped on the outside with 16cm of PUR insulation and finished in the back with bricks and aluminium. © Poutrelles Architects

street light as original

There was just something charming about the house, so the Annelies wanted to keep some items during the renovation. “However, it was important to arrange the house lively. It had to be a pleasant home with plenty of comfort, and adapted to the demands of the day.” Concretely, this meant more light and open spaces that were more connected to each other. “And that is also why we tear down the cotteri at the back; so we can make more space there as well.”

In fact, there was only one disturbing incident during the works. That was when the barrel vault was broken just before installation. The contractor had to order it again. “Things like that are just part of the job, and building and renovating remains a human activity,” says Annelies. After the barrel vault fell into place during the second attempt, it turned out to be the great asset of the house. “The skylight penetrates the new back building, as is, allowing the light to penetrate deeply into the main building. This way we can also use the space in the center, which is in the center of the house, without becoming a dark place.” Today you will find an office and play area here.

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In her design, Annelies introduced more lighting and open spaces that are in better contact with each other.

In her design, Annelies introduced more lighting and open spaces that are in better contact with each other. © Poutrelles Architects

Old meets new

In addition to the original extension, Annelies also built a new, bright dining room. Connects to the kitchen partially hidden behind the wall. The dining room has a large sliding window and a large fixed window overlooking the garden. These new materials are here and there accompanied by old items that the owners have kept and restored, such as the original tiles for the entrance hall. “Upstairs, we removed the vinyl floor from the old planks, which we sanded. The original staircase has also been preserved.”

“We broke up the old floor in the living areas, so we could insulate it well there. We worked with 8cm of betupor grit, with 5cm of EPS board on top. Then floor heating was added, and the molded floor was finished. This provides a nice contrast with old tiles elsewhere. As an accent we chose black steel doors to match the black exterior windows. We also chose not to renovate one interior wall, but to keep the bricks warm.”

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The owners have preserved and restored the original tiles of the entrance hall.  The original staircase has also been preserved.

The owners have preserved and restored the original tiles of the entrance hall. The original staircase has also been preserved. © Poutrelles Architects

special dialects

“Of course there are always unforeseen circumstances during renovation, but overall, it wasn’t too bad,” Annelies says. “I made a detailed cost estimate, as I do with all my projects, also according to our loan. We were able to honor the proposed budget. Making informed choices can help with this. For example, we invested in luxury materials, such as aluminum cladding without fixings. phenomenon. But the kitchen, for example, is not made to order. We will defer that to a later. However, we have tried to add our own accents with small details. For example, there are a number of niches in the wall between the dining area and the kitchen, which lend Everyone has their own character.”

Contemporary Technologies

And were the power requirements feasible, too? “Of course,” the engineer smiles. “With solar photovoltaic panels, rainwater recovery and LED lighting, the house has contemporary technologies.” For heating, the choice still falls on the classic condensing gas boiler. In terms of cost and benefit, this was the most cost-effective solution. But we can switch to another system quite easily if we want to. All technology was already provided in the garage. ”

The entire house was sheathed on the outside with 16 cm of PUR insulation, and finished with panels or, in the back, brick and aluminum. The flat roofs have also been completely renovated and insulated with 16 cm PUR panels. Another 22 cm of rock wool was added to the sloped roof. “For the exterior carpentry, we chose double glazing with 1.0 high-efficiency glass. All this resulted in an energy level of 57, which is a very satisfactory result”, concludes the architect with satisfaction.

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