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Anuk Maton candid about plastic surgery: 'You have to be strong for it'

Anuk Maton candid about plastic surgery: ‘You have to be strong for it’

Anouk Mattoon (29), DJ and wife of Dimitri Vegas, talks candidly about plastic surgery on the first episode of The Documentary Streamz Chasing Beauty: Perfection for Sale?. It shows what interventions she has made and what she has not made and it is not as clear as it seems.

The documentary, which can be watched on Streamz from August 12, aims to break the stereotype of plastic surgery. That’s why Mattoon also decided to tell her story. She certifies, among other things, that she is often contacted about the interventions she has or has not undertaken. “I had some anxiety. That’s why I use Botox and fillers occasionally. And my breasts were enlarged. I haven’t had any other surgery. But because I’m so open about what I’ve done, people automatically think I have a lot of messing around with,” she says in H.L.N. You receive questions about these procedures almost every day. Sometimes polite, but also often frank peasants. “Unfortunately, some frustrated people sometimes continue to see me as a plastic surgery doll.”

Mattoon says she is under severe pressure from social media. “I constantly post beautiful and perfect pictures. I choose the right one corner, put a nice filter on top of it,… “The DJ also likes to walk the street without makeup on, but he’s afraid of backlash.” I’m also more involved in this now than ten years ago. When I was growing up, social media wasn’t that well established. But now the ‘perfect picture’ is really everywhere, and that’s a bad development.”

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According to her, the influence of social media ensures that the step towards plastic surgery is getting smaller. “I like to see myself and not just let myself talk about surgery, but not everyone is as strong in their shoes.”

DJ says that through her testimony in the documentary she wants to show that you should be happy with who you are in the first place. Only then can you think about surgery. “Plastic surgery is a tool, not a panacea. If you feel bad about yourself, a new breast will not change that.”