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Apple focuses on the environment, but how sustainable is the company really?

Apple focuses on the environment, but how sustainable is the company really?

next one Focus on privacy Many consumers now also know that Apple is fully committed to the environment. The USB-C adapter has already disappeared from the iPhone box and in many key words there is talk of sustainability.

This focus is of course a really important step, but how well is Apple really doing in this area? Two days before World Earth Day (2022) we got the answer.

Apple is really sustainable

Apple has made great strides in sustainability over the past year. This is what makes the American company a favour† Approximately 20% of the materials used in the products have been recycled. A milestone in the company’s growing plans to reduce its environmental impact. Perhaps a bigger milestone can be found in the aluminum field. Over 59% of the materials used come from recycling.

The major milestones are, among other things, the result of a major innovation. Apple uses a Taz that has the ability to recover more material the moment electronic devices are recycled. This goal is achieved, for example, by separating magnets and acoustic units.

Taz Apple
A new way to recycle (Photo: Apple)

Plan ahead

Apple has great ambitions in this field. For example, the US company wants to have its products in completely plastic-free packaging only from 2025. Currently, Apple uses only 4% of plastic for its packaging, so this goal is definitely achievable. In addition, there is also a desire to be completely climate-neutral from 2030.

The end goal is clear though. Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Environment, wants Apple to need nothing more than Earth. “One day, we want to make products without taking anything from the earth,” she says.

The perfect Apple smart home product: HomePod and Apple TV in one

Apple isn’t just sharing its performance this week. In honor of World Earth Day, the company is calling for more attention to the environment in the first place. Of course he uses services like music, podcasts, and fitness for that.

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Apple focuses on the environment, but how sustainable is the company really?

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