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Apple HomePod TV?  Apple is working on a new model

Apple HomePod TV? Apple is working on a new model

Renowned Apple analyst Mark Gorman tells us that Apple is merging two products. It will be HomePod and Apple TV. In this article you can read all about this compact device.

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HomePod and Apple TV: the golden combination?

Mark Gorman, journalist from Bloomberg One of the trusted sources for all the Apple news tells us in his book the news“Power on”, often interesting scoops† The most recent email indicates that Apple is bringing HomePod (mini) and Apple TV together.

In addition, Apple will have a file confrontation timeYou want to add a camera. If true, the new “Apple HomePod TV” will become Cupertino’s new multimedia device.

No more regular HomePods in the future

In addition to this news, Gurman mentions something we already knew: There will almost certainly be no other “normal” HomePod. The merger of Apple TV and HomePod should be the center of the home.

The HomePod minisNow officially on sale in the Netherlands, it should spread over the rest of the house in the new setup, while the HomePod TV becomes the central focus in your living room.

HomePod TV is the solution for Google Nest Hub

that it It’s not the first time we’ve seen this news† We heard rumors of this hybrid a year ago. This should be Apple’s response to Google’s Nest Hub. It has a built-in screen and a speaker. You can listen to music, watch videos, and open other apps at the touch of a button.

HomePod TV concept

The device is still in the “early development stage”, but Apple has plenty of competitors to contend with. But Apple wouldn’t be Apple if it didn’t want to outpace the competition.

If we’re really allowed to guess, this device could also take the form of a sharp TV. Anyway, it looks like we’ll find Apple TV and HomePod in one device more and more.

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