In 2010, NASA’s Mars Exploration Orbiter captured an unusual optical illusion on the Red Planet. This great shot is the space picture of the week.

The photo shows dunes with tree-like objects on them. These Martian trees are nothing more and nothing less than dark sands pushed to the surface through sand dunes by carbon dioxide ice heated by the sun. In the spring of Mars, the sun heats up the ice, causing it to sublimate, thus turning directly into steam. The dark sand unfolds and slides down over the dunes.

“Black sand appears to be rising above the surface, but that’s an illusion,” said researcher Candy Hansen of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. “Dark sand rests on the sliding surface of the dunes. The dark sand stops at the foot of the dunes. The strips are up to 50 meters long.” Mother Nature’s Miracle.

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Pearls of Mars Reconnaissance Vehicle
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter already has Complete more than 70,000 revolutions around Mars† During this period, this spacecraft has taken countless beautiful pictures and many discoveries have been made. You can read an anthology of the most special discoveries – such as the discovery of salt water, Marian’s apple pie, and glass deposits in impact craters. in this past

More illusions on Mars
Several strange images of Mars have been taken in recent decades, such as Gandhi’s face and secret base† The most famous optical illusion The famous face on Mars† In 1976, NASA’s Viking 1 orbiter photographed this remarkable mountain. Table Mountain appears to have a human face. The photo appeared in all newspapers and many people considered it evidence of life on Mars. Of course, NASA scientists knew better and thought from the start that the face was an illusion caused by light and shadow.

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