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Astrologer Gives Relationship Advice to (Single) Libra: "It's No Surprising They Have Crushes Often" |  Nina

Astrologer Gives Relationship Advice to (Single) Libra: “It’s No Surprising They Have Crushes Often” | Nina

“After the first date, I was completely sold off…or someone crossed out completely.” After several relationships, Wout * (28) Single and ready to mingle. His zodiac sign? Scale. Astrologer Cato Vermeulen analyzes it on the basis of this and gives advice on a target relationship for those who are open to it. “The signs of the zodiac opposite each other in the zodiac are immediately attracted to each other.”

More and more people are dating based on their zodiac sign. In NINA’s new series “Astrolove” we find out if love is really written in the stars. An experienced astrologer who gives advice on relationships between Flemish people based on their zodiac sign. Who do they match with? What strengths and struggles do the planets anticipate? The astrologer Kato also adds general advice for each zodiac sign.

Watt, 28, grew up in Brussels, a chaotic city he says shaped him. He describes himself as a calm person, with all kinds of things raging internally. “I think too much. Sometimes it might be too much. That’s why I like being alone. I like having my own.” outer space. However, I also need to be social.”

Wout dating history

Wout had two serious relationships for two years. “The first was my childhood sweetheart, Leo. I fell in love with her right away, and that was so intense,” he recalls. “We were together a lot. Although our characters weren’t a perfect match, it was a very nice first relationship.”

After that, he remained celibate for about two years, before meeting someone else. ram. “In this relationship, my feelings slowly grew. They say Aries and Libra go well together, and I noticed it myself. I thought we were very compatible.” At first, his ex-partner was very independent, but when she began to adapt severely to him, Wout’s feelings for him faded. “She totally adjusted her schedule for me, and let friendships fade,…I would love for my love to continue to lead her own life.”

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When I fall in love, I remain loyal to that person. Even if there is nothing between us.

Out (28)

So Wout looks for that quality in a potential partner. “I would like to date an independent person, but I still have to give him enough attention. I also like it very much when a woman places great importance on her family or friends, who are also a kind of family.”

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Picture for clarification. © Unsplash

crushing machine

Wout is currently dating. “I think girls are cool, so I’m a fan constantly on a person. And when I have a crush, that goes a long way. Sometimes it explodes after a few days, sometimes it takes months. As long as this continues, I will stay true to this person. Even when there’s nothing between us, I just focus on that person. I don’t give myself space to open up to others, and I think that’s a shame.”

Wout last week went on a date with cancer, and it went well. “I feel like I get along with everyone in some way. The problem is that after the first date, I either sell out or take someone off completely. Sometimes I think that’s a shame, because a first date is always tough. A person can be nervous or not quite the same, and they can Feelings grow. If you feel that the other person is too difficult inside I often find this juncture. Then I lose interest in myself.”

Astrologer Kato gives dating advice to Libra

Astrologer Kato begins “Libra is the only sign of the zodiac that is not an animal or a human being.” “So they don’t have a lot of animal traits, like a lion who can be very dominant and lazy, for example. However, a Leo and Libra Good Match: They are both very funny and love to joke around. Like Libra, Leo has a big heart to give. So it is not surprising that Wute’s childhood sweetheart was a lion. ”

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The astrologer Kato Vermeulen.

The astrologer Kato Vermeulen.

“Libras are charming, funny, sociable, and eager to share life with others. The drawback is that they may lose themselves in the other, or go too far people please to do. Aries and Leo are opposites in that area: These two signs are actually quite selfish. This could be a potential predicament for their relationship with Libra. Or that these inconsistencies are good, because you can draw lessons that way. Libra can learn to push themselves less aside, and Leo may start to take the other person more into consideration. With so many similarities, a relationship can quickly get boring.”

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Compatibility based on your element

“Wout is Libra, an air sign, and their exit was Aries and Leo, both of which are Fire signs. In general, we see that Air and Fire signs are very compatible, as are Earth and Water signs. Signs with the same element are often a good match, for example Libra and Gemini, both of which are air signs.”

“At the same time, we see that zodiac signs opposite each other in the zodiac, such as Libra and Aries, Scorpio and Taurus, Virgo and Pisces, are often attracted to one another immediately. In the long run, once the initial sparks and passion have passed, they may feel that they may not They are made for each other after all.”

fire signs: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius

air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water signs: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

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“I find it interesting for Wout to say that His ex-girlfriend, Ram, She lost herself in the relationship instead of him, because the stereotypical Aries is actually very independent. They can have very strong personalities and be real leaders. They take up space without apologizing for it, although some Aries haven’t learned that yet along the way. They can often have different masks. They adapt themselves depending on who they are with. Although they have strong personalities, they are capable of constant change.”


Sometimes Libras accidentally flirt with themselves in a relationship because they are so fun and sociable.

The astrologer Kato Vermeulen

“It’s no surprise that Wout is often admired. Libra loves to flirtThis was often joked about. It is sometimes said that Libras sometimes accidentally flirt with themselves in a relationship because they are so playful and sociable. As a result, others can sometimes misinterpret their signals.”

A good partner for Libra will be Taurus. At first glance you wouldn’t think, because it’s an earth sign. But both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus. This planet symbolizes relationships, but it also symbolizes beauty and art. So maybe they have the same appreciation for decor or fashion.”

About the astrolov

In this series, astrologer Cato Vermeulen gives dating advice based on his zodiac sign. Before going on a date with someone, you always analyze natal chart or birth chart (A person’s astrological profile, depending on where and when they were born, ed.). Kato: “This way I know if our match has potential and what kind of meat is in the tub. I already had charts in front of me where I thought: Great, in theory we could be a perfect match, but it turns out that isn’t true in reality. On the contrary, I have also seen schemes with clients facing many challenges and difficulties, which turned out to have a very strong relationship.”

Therefore theory can often differ from practice. A lot also depends on the timing: at what stage of a person’s life, the level of his consciousness at that moment and willingness to work on himself and the relationship. This last factor is especially important.”

Ideally, we also take into account several components when looking at astrological compatibility: moon sign, ascendant, … In order not to make it too complicated, Cato limits himself in this series to someone’s zodiac sign or sun sign.

know more? Contact Cato via her website.

*Wout is a made-up name. The man we interviewed wanted to remain anonymous. His real name is known to the editors.

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