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Astronaut Andre Kuipers: 'The Black Cross can be seen from space' |  Black Cross 2022

Astronaut Andre Kuipers: ‘The Black Cross can be seen from space’ | Black Cross 2022

Lichtenforde – Amazing Friday appearance at Zwarte Cross: astronaut André Kuipers is on the festival site. The Dutchman gives two lectures in the theater tent. He has a surprise announcement: “I think Zwarte Cross can be seen from space.”

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15-07-22, 15:39

Has he ever been to Zwarte Cross? ,,no never. But I visit Achterhoek regularly, and I have friends who live in Winterswijk,” says André Kuipers. The world-renowned astronaut, who has made two long trips into space, gave two lectures on sustainability in a packed theater tent at the festival.

A glass of wine with space travel

“Because sustainability and space are more connected than you think,” Kuipers says. “Satellites, for example, help make farming more accurate and detect diseases in crops,” Kuipers says. “Even in a glass of wine, there’s a bit of space travel, because wine growers use satellites to estimate when to harvest.”

André Kuipers, with Tante Rikie nose goggles, in front of the stage tent on the Zwarte Cross © Ghost Decgraph

The black cross in the seventh heaven

These days, Zwarte Cross fans are doing some sort of space flight themselves, through many stages, shows, and other tropical surprises. Kuipers surprises the audience with a satellite image that claims that Zwarte Cross can actually be seen from above.

Is it possible to watch the largest festival in the Netherlands in “space”? I think the fully built Zwarte Cross can be seen from space. At least if you zoom in on the satellite images, Kuipers says, “I’d like to come back right away to check it out.”

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André Kuipers gave two lectures at Zwarte Cross
André Kuipers gave two lectures at Zwarte Cross © Ghost Decgraph