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August 20 and 21 Ospels Molendegen

Under the theme “From farmer to baker”, the millers of the Kornblom plant in Öspel are organizing Öspels Molendagen for the seventh time. We invite everyone to come and enjoy the wonderful smell of grinding grain.

Ospel’s Mill Days

Programs will be held on Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm. Entry is free on this day. On this special day, the machinery used by the farmer for sowing and threshing is on display. For example, the entire process from the farmer’s grain to milling at the mill is displayed, including old tractors and a combine harvester. There are also small agricultural items used by the farmer on the farm and land. These machines were used in the past when growing grain and have been fully restored. On Sundays, the owners themselves narrate the working of these machines and the historical story of the farmers of that time. There’s coffee with waffles, and the kids have a bouncy castle and a grab bag.

There is an exhibition of photographs by photographer Wim Werdenchat from Meijer. The photographs in this exhibition give a general idea of ​​his work, including portraits of people and animals, macro photographs, atmospheric photographs from Peel, New Zealand and Lake Victoria (Kenya), especially in the morning around sunrise. Insects and other beauties from nature, occasional buildings and more.

The mill and mill shop will be open and operational on Saturday, August 20, but there will be no further activities.

These days the shop at the bottom of the mill is open and different types of flour can be bought. Pancake mix, Doospelsbroodmix, Peatstekers and Vlikstekers multigrain, including mill-milled different types of grain and spelt, rye and wheat flour and regional products.

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We warmly welcome you. You can also for more information Website of the plant to see
Other Activities 2022: Visit the plant on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturdays of every month (plant will be closed for maintenance in September).