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Authenticity and Tranquility |  ImageCasa

Authenticity and Tranquility | ImageCasa

Islita Villas in Costa Rica are comprehensively designed homes that, thanks to interior designer Alena Valyavko, embody timeless design with a touch of modernity and wabi sabi. With its strong connection to the natural environment, the use of raw materials and unpolished surfaces, it conveys a sense of calm and simplicity.

Inside, the villas offer all the features of a high-quality traditional home. The interiors are very personal with attention to detail. The abundance of light illuminates any space and emphasizes the original features of natural materials. The property occupies the entire ground floor with a leisure kitchen, spacious living and dining area, bar, two master suites, two secondary bedrooms, five bathrooms, separate laundry room and pantry. The villa is designed in such a way that you can host a party, have an intimate gathering or simply enjoy a quiet evening at home.

The bedrooms are unusually large and have a simple design. Relaxing motifs borrowed from nature give the rooms an earthy feel. Sliding windows disappear into the walls, floor and ceiling to highlight the peaceful green of the forest. Moreover, each bedroom is equipped with a private bathroom.

The villas are designed in such a way that you can organize a party or simply enjoy a quiet evening at home.

Opening onto a private courtyard, the master suites have a dramatic feel. The bathrooms appear to be carved out of a plinth-like stone. The third and fourth bathrooms are covered with light. All bathrooms have an outdoor atmosphere due to Alena Valyavko’s use of the landscape.

The gardens are shaped by a coherent set of agricultural and architectural elements. Landscaping takes into account the view from different points in the house and brings light and greenery together. By adding natural vistas to unexpected spaces, including basic suites, bathroom suites, bedrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room, Valyavko invites residents and guests to exhale into secluded and secluded spaces, surrounded by light and nature. Perfect to catch your breath during a well-deserved vacation! Would you like to be fascinated by more impressive projects and inspiring architecture? Make sure to follow our Instagram account Imagicasa Architecture† There we share unique achievements, promising designs and innovative ideas every day.

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Interior design and visualization: Alina Valyavko