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Autumn postponement

Autumn postponement

With autumn approaching, everyone still wants to enjoy the last summer evenings. Sit outside with friends and family, before it cools down a bit and the day gets shorter again.

When the temperature cools outside, a little extra heat won’t get damaged, and Stoov’s Heating Pads and Blankets are perfect for that. With special infrared technology, you can heat only yourself and not your surroundings so you can extend past summer evenings. In addition, the products are wireless, so you can take them anywhere. Stoov’s products are actually made from sustainable fabrics, but the all-natural covering was missing. Until now.

100% organic material with elegant design

Meanwhile, Stoov already has a wide range, most of which are made from sustainable fabrics. Stoov is now taking it one step further with the new Organic Ploov Heating Pads. The products in this line are made from 100% organic materials and are therefore GOTS certified. Both Ploov and Cover (45 x 60) are available in this organic wrap. Moreover, thanks to its sturdy design, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. This way you can turn your lounge or terrace into a stylish lounge in no time!

Two organic fabrics, varied color palette

Ploov Organic Heating Pads are available in two organic fabrics. The cover is made of denim for a rough construction and its soft (natural) cream color matches perfectly with a modern interior. Tarpaulin covers have been treated with a natural layer of wax, creating a beautiful, subtle luster in the design. The distinctive creases on each cover also contribute to the special and aesthetic design. Tarpaulin covers are available in stylish and matching colors khaki, rust and black.

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