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Axel faces the "click" in "Kloppacht" with the golden tip and the arrest of the candidate duo |  Television

Axel faces the “click” in “Kloppacht” with the golden tip and the arrest of the candidate duo | Television

TelevisionIn “Klopjacht”, the fifteen candidates have only one goal: to stay out of the hands of the detectives trying to catch them as long as possible. Because of the new concept: De Kliklijn, Demi and Ilias are caught in the second episode of “Klopjacht”. But who was that mare? And do Demi and Elias know how all this could happen? Axel visits them after the facts and video call the person who told them.

“I had hope today that it would be over. I didn’t want to see a black car, someone in black. I was tired of it, they have to go. We have to get off the radar,” Elias said shortly after the arrest.

After that, the duo is still together with presenter Axel Desselaer. “I know what happened from Wenduine to Uncle Dirk. We also knew how they got there. Because we called Dirk and they were there. Dirk’s cell phone was also tapped. I was really angry,” says Iliad, moved. “I was really angry,” adds Demi. “After that I was very sad because the adventure was over.”

The golden party, the party that leads to the arrest of a fugitive, earns 500 euros. There are many people who have given golden advice, but they themselves do not yet know that they have given the right advice. So Demi and Elias call Lyndsey, she’s the lucky one to get the cash prize.

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“Klopjacht”, Sunday at 19:55 on Play4 or via GoPlay

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