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Axel Witsel Officially From Atlético: What Will Simeone's Plan Be With The Red Devil?  † Primera Section

Axel Witsel Officially From Atlético: What Will Simeone’s Plan Be With The Red Devil? † Primera Section

A new chapter in Axel Witsel’s career (33). The transfer-free midfielder was officially announced today as a new player at Atletico Madrid. With a delay of nine years, Diego Simeone’s wish came true. What is the coach’s plan with the red devil?

You never forget the first impression. In 2013, Zenit Saint Petersburg and Atletico met in the Champions League. Diego Simeone, the Spanish club’s coach, is intrigued by one player in particular: Axel Witsel.

There will be two failed attempts to get the curly-haired head to Madrid.

But look, after nine years (and two stops), transportation is real. Witsel – free from the transfer after Dortmund did not extend his contract – signs a one-year contract with an option. French Marseille has also shown keen interest, but a phone call from fan Simeone reportedly convinced the Red Devil.

fierce competition

For many observers, the “match” is somewhat surprising. Does Axel Witsel fit into the strong football of Atlético?

“It’s a bit like pliers on a pig,” admits La Liga connoisseur Michael Van Weyenberg. “Atletico plays very hard, often on the edge. You have to face all the duels as if your life depends on it. These are things that you do not immediately associate with Witsel. This is rather a device of recovery and calm control.”

Van Weyrenberg therefore doubts whether Witsel will win as the undisputed title holder. Especially considering the fierce competition in the Madrid midfield.

“You have Cook, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Marcos Llorente as well as Syle returning from Chelsea,” sums up “places will be expensive. Looking at the World Cup in Qatar, it will be important for Witsel to join the team.”

Simeone holds a patent for picking up experienced pawns for free and making them explode.

La Liga connoisseur Michael van Vaerenbergh

The commentator thinks Simeone may have a plan as an alternative to luxury at Witsel.

“Atletico likes to defend a small lead. After that, it can be useful to bring a ball-resistant break point like Witsel to the Kondogbia neighboring team. Especially with his experience and coexistence.

Although Van Vaerenbergh wouldn’t be shocked if Witsel exceeded expectations. “Because Simeone has a patent for ripping experienced pawns for free and making them explode. Just think of Luis Suarez and David Villa – two hero makers.” In Madrid they signed the same scenario.

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