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Bad weather will hurt Belgian wine production in 2021 |  the interior

Bad weather will hurt Belgian wine production in 2021 | the interior

Belgian wine has had a bad year. Production fell by more than a quarter in 2021 due to bad weather. This is according to figures from the Federal Public Service Economy.

In 2020, Belgian farmers were still recording their production at less than two million liters. A year later, this figure decreased significantly (-27 percent) to about 1.35 million liters. The decline was most pronounced in red wine, where production was halved. Only the sparkling pink rose almost remained stable.

The sharp decline in wine production is mainly due to bad weather last year. There was a late frost in the spring, a humid summer that brought with it many fungi and epidemics of birds in the late summer.

However, there was also good news in 2021: the profession of the Belgian vineyard continues to grow. In 2021, 237 winegrowers were registered compared to 198 the year before. This applies to both professional and amateur wine growers. The largest increase occurred in the provinces of Liege (from 21 to 32 winegrowers) and East Flanders (from 22 to 28 wineries). Less than two out of three wine growers are still in Flanders, although Wallonia is catching up strongly.

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