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Baking oven on the Baloise Belgium tour: “Break heart rate records for our team” |  belgium tour

Baking oven on the Baloise Belgium tour: “Break heart rate records for our team” | belgium tour

Not only are the Tour Switzerland baking and grilling, the riders are also roasting from the sun at this week’s Baloise Belgium Tour. How does the peloton arm itself against the heat?

Ron Hergodts: “The first heat is the hardest”

Ron Hergodts As a medical student, you know what heat does to your body (the ride).

“It’s going to be very difficult on Saturday in combination with the track in the Ardennes: the cyclists you don’t expect will fall back.”

“Your heart is overheated,” explains Sport rider Vlaanderen-Baloise.

“Wednesdays in our team already had heart rate records broken and it wasn’t necessarily the hardest race, but a lot of your heart is required to keep your body cool.”

“It is also difficult to recover from these efforts and in our country it is difficult to train in the heat. That is why the first heat is often the hardest.”

So how can you prepare? “You need to eat more salt in order to retain more fluid.”

“And you supply enough. Then you drink a bottle of water more than a bottle of water with a sports drink. Although sometimes you forget that in the heat of battle.”

Eli Eserbet: “Everyone can prepare”

If the intersection Eli Esserbet Usually different conditions. However, he says calmly: “The weather will be harsh, but everyone can prepare.”

“Can’t complain. Is it going to be cut anyway? That might be fine, because I’ve been without competition for so long and have to build up the hardiness for the winter. Although it might be something about it: over 30 degrees in the Ardennes, it will be waive it.”

Iserbyt drops mid-season after a back injury. “I’ve been struggling since the end of March. I’ve always wanted lots and lots, but my body said stop.”

“Now I’ve been training for a few weeks again as I prepare for the cross season. It might be in time.”

“The problems are now completely behind us, only the case has to follow. I still have some time, but I definitely shouldn’t be left behind. It shouldn’t take much longer.”

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