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bald chinese dog  Happy Face voted the ugliest dog: 'There's no doubt about it'

bald chinese dog Happy Face voted the ugliest dog: ‘There’s no doubt about it’


Chinese bald crested dog Mr. Happy Face was voted the ugliest dog in the world on Saturday. With his white hair and tongue hanging out the entire time, the 17-year-old bald dog defeated eight competitors in an election in California on Friday.

source: BELGA

For decades, the ugliest dog in the world has been annually chosen as the Petaluma. This time, the honor went to a dog that was adopted by Jenida Biennale, a 41-year-old Arizona musician, during the coronavirus pandemic.


The proud owner said that at the dog shelter she heard about an old, four-legged friend with health problems. “The staff tried to prepare me for what I was about to see,” Biennale said. “I saw an animal that was really old, needed a second chance and deserved to be loved.” The dog was abused and neglected by its previous owner. He needs a diaper, can barely stand and tilt his head.

Fitz warned Biennale that Mr. Happy Face only had a few weeks to live due to his health issues. “But the love, kindness and kisses of his mother helped him overcome those problems.” Meanwhile, the dog has been living with Benally for ten months.

“His hobbies are sleeping, snoring and groaning while he’s asleep, and making strange noises when he’s happy,” Biennale explained. According to jury member Debra Mathy, there was no doubt within the jury about the winner.

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