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Banker fired after anger attack asks for 3.6 million euros from BNP Paribas

Banker fired after anger attack asks for 3.6 million euros from BNP Paribas

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Omar Amalie, the former head of the derivatives division of BNP Paribas for the regions of Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the bank after his resignation. He is demanding about 3.6 million euros, because he considers the dismissal unjustified.


The banker is accused of “intimidating” his employees. An internal report following his resignation in 2019 said he gave a rant against a trader he described as “useless” and “incompetent” in front of his colleagues. The employee made a mistake that could cost the bank 800,000 euros. In the internal document, there were other testimonies from employees who accused El Alami of “emotional horror.” One team member spoke of a “sinking feeling”.

But Amalie is appealing his dismissal and is appealing the order in a Paris court. According to the experienced banker, he was never insulting, humiliating or aggressive. He adds that the fact that many of the testimonies are anonymous makes it difficult for him to defend himself. In turn, his lawyer noted that during the annual evaluation of her client, no one commented on his alleged aggressive behavior.

BNP Paribas said in a statement that it had taken all measures to protect its employees “in line with banking procedures”. BNP Paribas also says that it cannot tolerate behavior that violates the respect and dignity of individuals.

El Alami has seen his salary at BNP Paribas increase over the years from €60,000 to €1.2 million. He has since found a new job in Switzerland, but lives in Paris. The banker complains: “There I earn up to 60 per cent less and can spend up to 60 per cent less time with my family.”

A verdict is expected on May 17.

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