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Belgians dominate 312km Granfondo, Bart Scholes beats face Canvas in Mallorca |  Cycling

Belgians dominate 312km Granfondo, Bart Scholes beats face Canvas in Mallorca | Cycling

Our compatriot Olivier Godfreud added the prestigious Mallorca 312 to his honors list last weekend. Belgium was on top with second place also for Job Sweeters and Sylvia Hermanns. Bart Schulz also surprised the same cloth face with the top 100: presenter De Afspraak replied, “I’m a stikkapot.”

312 kilometers at an average of 34.7 kilometers per hour. 100 km of them alone.

These are the wonderful characters of Olivier Godfreud. On Saturday, the 27-year-old Belgian triumphed at Mallorca 312, one of the world’s most prestigious granfondo.

“Evan Basso handed me the trophy and said I did a great job. That’s the best compliment I can get,” Godfreyd said.

“After 55 kilometres, I thought the race was over. Before the top of the Puig Major I jammed my chain. I missed, but I stayed calm and gave everything to get back to the front.”

Godfreud (a footballer for many years) now dreams of Marmot, as the finish line is located in the Alpes d’Huez. “Together with Mallorca 312, Marmotte appeals to the imagination. Like Granfondos it makes people dream.”

Evan Basu said I put in a solid performance. This was the nicest compliment I could get.

Olivier Godfreud (winner Mallorca 3112)

Bart Scholes: “I just went up with Miguel Indurain”

Belgium was master and master of Mallorca: Job Sueters (second) and Jakob Mignon (fourth) ranked first among the men. Sylvia Hermans (second) was the women’s runner-up.

De Appointment host Bart Scholes has also led thousands of sports enthusiasts. With 82nd place, he achieved nearly 250 places better than his previous participation.

“I’m suffocating,” Scholes replied right after the end.

“Initially I climbed alongside (five-time Tour winner) Miguel Indurin. He’s still climbing the big mill.

Indurin (57 years at the time) was the best of all the previous riders in 42nd place. Alberto Contador, Joseba Bellucci, Evan Basso and Sean Kelly also attended.

Winner Olivier Godfreud was honored by Yvan Basseau

Jacob Minion (left) and Job Sweeters (right) took the top five spots.

Sylvia Hermans (first woman from right) ranked second well

Miguel Indurin was the best celebrity

Alberto Contador is still a winged climber

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