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'Belgium danced to the beat of Hazard': Spanish sports newspaper pays tribute to Eden notably, and our analysts far less |  Red Devils

‘Belgium danced to the beat of Hazard’: Spanish sports newspaper pays tribute to Eden notably, and our analysts far less | Red Devils

Red DevilsOpinions are divided. While Jean Mulder and Marc Degres weren’t entirely thrilled with Eden Hazard’s performance, Yesterday in the Red Devils win 0-1 in PolandElsewhere, they were delighted with our captain. Especially in Spain, although it is no coincidence that it is Madrid’s sports newspaper. Or is that rather an insistence on anger?

Relatively little interest in our Red Devils today in the international media Last night’s events in Germany (5-2 win over Italy) and in England (0-4 loss against Hungary). Lots to do with this of course. The contribution that stands out is the contribution of the Spanish AS. “Belgium dances to the beat of Eden Hazard,” he read this morning on the digital homepage of the Madrid sports newspaper. He remained the player he ever was. The Belgian showed in this four-part series to the Nations League that this oasis is still a big lake and that he hasn’t forgotten to play football yet.” “Just like last week, he was allowed to start against Poland and once again played a great game, although His brilliant goal was disallowed due to a very narrow offside.”

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At AS they saw it go downhill when Hazard (and Batshuayi)’s match ended just after the hour. “During that hour in which he was between the lines, Hazard became very involved in the match. The ‘Madridista’ was energetic, he demanded the ball whenever he could and showed courage when you came down to it. With him on the field, Belgium was better (…) but when Roberto took him Martinez and Batshuayi aside, it was difficult for the Red Devils. Especially with Robert Lewandowski up front with the opponent. It may not have been his day, but you can still see the tension in the face of the Belgian defense.”

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In “Deviltime” they saw it as less rosy – that dance they talked about in AS leaning toward slow for Degryse & co. “On the first day of training, soon in Real Madrid, he has to show strongly that he wants to play. He is better than Vinicius. A very difficult task, but if he has a little honor and motivation, he will do it,” says the house analyst. And Jan Mulder joins him.” He has to fight against anything and everything. If he doesn’t, he will end up permanently on the bench with me. Hazard is at his best, as was the case a few years ago at Chelsea, flashing on the square meter like Salah. , in his great acting, dribbling in a very small space and scoring; that’s all there is now not in. To any Degres: “Today he played 66 minutes in a game where Speed ​​was, frankly, one of the last games of the season. I think he was happy to get in.”

Host Martin Brix also noted: Eden Hazard came running to the side just an hour later.

Host Martin Brix also noted: Eden Hazard came running to the side just an hour later. © Photo News

Finally, occasional guest Thomas Radzinsky puts a two-punch punch with Mulder:

Radzinsky: “Did he play a really good match at Real Madrid? Why would you want to stay with a club where you haven’t played a good match before?”

Mulder: “It’s not called professional football for nothing and the pay is good there in Madrid.”

Radzinsky: “Do you want to win the World Cup? Or get paid well?”

Mulder: “I know what you want next: raise that money. Winning the World Cup isn’t all about these guys anymore. They always say it’s about prices… well, no!”

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