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Bella Hadid shakes the tree

Bella Hadid shakes the tree

Sometimes Bella Hadid makes the news because she appears in a gorgeous dress on the red carpet, for example, for a film festival, which also allows prestigious magazines and newspapers to publish a photo of the supermodel. But most of the time, the messages are along the lines of “Bella and her boyfriend wear tanks when they go to the gym.”

Hadid once said in an interview that all this attention is overwhelming and annoying. But at the same time, the model herself shares a huge part of her life on social media: photos, videos, court wisdom and political beliefs.


Even with the latter, the 26-year-old Hadid sometimes makes newspapers: she advocates for the Black Lives Matter movement and regularly talks about the fate of Palestinians. Last weekend, I commented extensively on social media about events in Israel and the occupied territories. She says she was censored by Instagram. “As soon as I post something about Palestine, it becomes Shade is forbidden And I definitely see millions of followers less than I have to say,” the model wrote with a tearful eye.