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Ben Stokes urged England to reconsider record in ‘ridiculous’ match

Ben Stokes has been called up to tackle England’s ‘ridiculous’ schedule as he prepares for the summer of 102 to 50 days between the start of the first Test against New Zealand on June 2 and the end of the match. The last match is against South Africa on September 12.

Next month, the newly appointed captain of the Stokes men’s Test team will gather in England for their matches against New Zealand, while the Whiteball team will be in the three – match ODI series in the Netherlands.

“The table is definitely something to watch out for,” Stokes said. “How many cricketers are expected to play is contradictory. A Test match and a stumbling one-day series sum it up. It really has to be viewed from the point of view of workload, which is a lot.

“I want to play for England as much as possible. In a better world you will get a schedule where you can play everything, but unfortunately that is not possible. My first priority at this time is cricket testing, so I have to give that priority over the cue ball.

Stokes expressed concern that people would not consider him ready to take over as captain as he chose to stay out of the game for four months last summer to prioritize his mental health. He called on England and Wales men’s cricket director Rob Key to set a new date as speculation was rife as to who would replace Joe Root, who resigned last month.

“After the news about Joe, I called Rob and said, ‘If there’s a chance, I want to let you know I’m ready,'” Stokes said. Won. ” A few days after the news of Joe came in, I thought to myself that I was ready to take advantage of it if given the chance.

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List of dead matches in England


June 2-6 First Test against New Zealand, Lord’s
June 10-14 Second Test against New Zealand, Trent Bridge
June 17 First ODI against Holland, Amstelwein
June 19 2nd ODI against Holland, Amsterdam
June 22 3rd ODI against Netherlands, Amsterdam
June 23-27 Third Test against New Zealand, Headingley
July 1-5 Fifth Test against India, Edgboston *
July 7 First T20 against India, Ajax Cup
July 9 2nd T20 against India, Edgbaston
July 10th T20 III v India, Trent Bridge
July 12 The first ODI against India was the Kia Oval
July 14 2nd ODI against India, Lord’s
July 17 3rd ODI against India, Old Trafford, United Arab Emirates
July 19 First ODI against South Africa, Riverside
July 22 2nd ODI against South Africa, United Arab Emirates Old Trafford
July 24 Third ODI against South Africa, Headingley
July 27 The first T20 match against South Africa was The Seat Unique Stadium in Bristol
July 28 Second T20 against South Africa, Sofia Gardens
July 31 Third T20 against South Africa, Aegis Cup
August 17-21 First Test against South Africa, Lord’s. First Test against South Africa, Lord’s
August 25-29 Second Test against South Africa, United Arab Emirates Old Trafford
September 8-12 Kia Oval in the third Test against South Africa

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The 30-year-old has been England’s vice-captain since 2017, and it is believed the situation was a clear choice for him to become Root’s successor. That experience has convinced him that his vice-captain – and that it is possible to start his probationary summer before anyone gets that role on a permanent basis – should be a younger player who can take charge of himself in the future.

“There are a lot of people I can see,” Stokes said. “Should I be one of the older players or should I consider choosing one of the younger players?” [and give them] Extra responsibility? I think 24 or 25 years old, there are a lot of players at that age. If we are to give this next generation the opportunity to operate on the English tab, it would be foolish not to give them that extra responsibility.

Stokes had already decided to move up to sixth because he would be able to approach bowling with more focus and freedom if he dropped from fifth to third, and would return to fourth in the third by expanding the root rankings. “You can see where the openings are where people can raise their hands: this is the third and fifth.”

Although England have won just one of their last 17 Tests, Stokes believes the talented team is deep enough to challenge the world’s most successful teams – perhaps, as they recently lost 4-0 to Australia. ICC No. 1, they will play 2nd (India), 3rd (New Zealand) and 4th (South Africa) in the rankings in the coming months.

“Look at the players who aren’t available due to injury – Wood, Archer, Stone, Curran – they’re all going to be actively fighting for a place,” Stokes said. “Then you put them between Brady, Jimmy, Robo and Voxi … If not injured, it’s very exciting to think of a team we can add there. Unfortunately we do. We have to choose our best line, I will always make sure of that.”

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Stokes was already a symbol of the team and hopes to become a man who instills fear in his opponents. He said: “I have to look at you as the Leader of the Opposition and say, ‘Excuse me.’

Most importantly, he will try to do this without changing the way fellow players look at him. He also said that I was not going to change my character or anything like that. “The most important to me in this position are my teammates and staff in the back rooms. What I hate is those outside my company who say, ‘Damn, he’s changed a lot since he was captain. I do not want that.

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