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Binance ondersteunt ook Terra (LUNA) airdrop

Binance also supports Terra (LUNA) airdrop system » Crypto Insiders

Terra (LUNA) ecosystem has been tough for a long time collapsedBut that doesn’t stop the developer team from moving forward. Tomorrow morning, the team is releasing a new network, “Terra 2.0,” which requires new tokens. Binance Participate in the associated Air drop

The complex airdrop of the LUNA

The company announces it in a press releaseThe airdrop associated with the Terra 2.0 is very complex. The Terra ecosystem uses two tokens, and both have collapsed During the week of May 9. Like we did earlier today also wrote There will be an airdrop tomorrow morning Intended for HODLers of both LUNA and UST. The current tokens are now called Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) and TerraClassicUSD (USTC).

The exchange He also distinguishes between pre-crash investors and post-crash investors in LUNA and UST. Of course, the situation caused quite a bit of panic, as a result of which many people sold or bought again. The whales also have to wait longer to get the total, because their tokens are airdropped in stages.

because I amInvestors who invested before the crash, May 7 is used for glimpse† At the time, both symbols were still relatively stable. If you were using Binance yesterday at 6:38 PM Dutch time If you have one or both tokens, you are entitled to airdrop. There are also some beautiful prints. For example, you are not entitled to an airdrop if you use leverage, nor if you have borrowed tokens. Full details can be found in this press release

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There is no UST 2.0 in Terra 2.0

The old stablecoin UST will no longer be part of the new ecosystem. According to founder Terra Do Kwon. , this has happened To do with distrust† It is of course possible to launch a new stablecoin on Terra 2.0 in the future.

Binance is not the only trading platform committed to airdrops. also the Dutch Bitvavo is involved† However, it seems that the total value of what you get if you invest after the crash will be disappointing. That’s because the dollar value of the tokens is used for the snapshots, not the numbers.