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'Bittersweet disappointment': Chris Evans responds to Pixar ban from making 'Lightyear' |  Movie

‘Bittersweet disappointment’: Chris Evans responds to Pixar ban from making ‘Lightyear’ | Movie

The animated film Lightyear will not be released in Saudi Arabia. The reason is that one of the main characters, astronaut Buzz Lightyear’s best friend, is in a relationship with a woman and kisses her. That the Hollywood Reporter reports. Actors disappointed.

It’s not the first major Hollywood title to be banned in Saudi Arabia for this reason. Recently, films like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, West Side Story, and Eternals have been banned due to the LGBTQ+ elements in the films.

“Lightyear” is part of the highly successful Toy Story series and is produced by film studio Pixar. The new movie features the astronaut’s “origin story” on which the game version of Buzz from the Toy Story films is based. Buzz is not a game this time around, but a real astronaut. “Lightyear” can also be seen in Belgian cinemas from Wednesday. A Disney spokesperson confirms including the kiss.

The kiss sparked an uproar earlier this year when employees of Disney’s subsidiary Pixar reported that the kiss was removed from the film in part at the insistence of Disney’s US subsidiary. Pixar employees took this publicly when Disney remained silent about Florida’s controversial No Less Gay law, which, under certain circumstances, prohibits speaking about sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom. Then Pixar decided to bring the kiss back into the movie.