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Black Saturday does not break records in France

Black Saturday does not break records in France

Black Saturday on European motorways has not broken any records. It was again hours of queuing for holiday traffic in the South. Motorists also had to be patient in the tunnels in Switzerland and Austria.

The last weekend of July is traditionally considered a weekend of change, with many vacationers leaving and/or returning home. Large crowds were expected in France in particular, but code red was also implemented in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

To escape the crowds, I recommend leaving on Thursday or Sunday, or returning on Friday or Monday. With 872 kilometers of traffic jams peaking in France, last year’s record of 1096 kilometers of traffic jams was not broken on July 31. This is what the VAB Mobility Organization says. On July 10 last year, there were even 1,142 kilometers of traffic jams in France at one point.

in France You have to wait on the A7 between Lyon and Orange and on the A10 from Paris to Bordeaux.

also in Germany They queue up for holiday destinations on the A3, A5, A7 and A8.

in Austria It is still busy on the A10 motorway between Salzburg and Villach. There is a queue in the Tauerntunnel towards Slovenia and Croatia.

also in Switzerland They line up at the Gotthard Tunnel between Basel and Chiasso to the south and between Chiasso and Basel to the north.

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