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'Black Widow' Actress Florence Pugh Bite Herself After Breast Shame: 'You're A Vulnerability'

‘Black Widow’ Actress Florence Pugh Bite Herself After Breast Shame: ‘You’re A Vulnerability’

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Actress Florence Pugh, 26, appeared Friday in a sheer dress at the Valentino Fashion Show in Rome. Pugh wrote on Instagram that she expects a reaction to her outfit, but not that the comments would be too vulgar. In a long post, she addresses the men who embody her physically.

British Florence Pugh, best known for films among other things Black Widow And the little WomenOn Friday, she appeared in a light pink dress by Valentino at the Italian house’s show. With the invention of tulle, the phrase “release the nipple” came out, and they did not go unnoticed. But this time the comment went from Online trolls Too far, says Pugh.

“I was happy to wear the dress, and I wasn’t nervous at all,” the actress wrote. “Not before, not when I’ve worn it nor until now. However, what was interesting to see and experience is how easy it is for men to finish off a woman’s entire body, in public, with pride, and everyone should know. You even do it with your position and professional email address On your resume?

Pugh talks about the harsh criticism of her body that she’s received on Instagram, including on her own page. “This is not the first and certainly not the last time a woman has heard from so many strangers what is wrong with her body. What is alarming is how vulgar some men can be.” According to the actress, several men told her powerfully how “disappointed” they were about her “small breasts”, or how they felt they needed to be “shy”.

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The British said she was at peace with her body and all the alleged flaws that she “could hardly look at when she was 14”. She makes it a mission to defy the perfect body image that Hollywood expects of her.

“Why are you so afraid of breasts?” Ask the body supervisors. Respect people. Respect bodies. Respect all women. Respect people. Then life will be so much easier, I promise. And all because of two cute nipples…” Pugh concludes with a proper hashtag: #fuckingfreethefuckingnipple.

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